MARCH 24:                                            STAND BY!                                        Currently recording...


Trommelwirbel! Am 15. Dezember wird die Premiere meines Videos I CAUGHT MYSELF gefeiert! und da dieses für mich ganz besondere Video in meiner Heimat Gelsenkirchen-Ückendorf mit vielen Freund*innen gedreht wurde, möchte ich die Premiere genauso gestalten.
Im Café Ütelier gibt es ab 18:00 Uhr ein exklusives Screening, bevor das Video überhaupt weltweit online geht!
Das ist toll, aber ihr wollt noch mehr? Bekommt ihr: Nach dem Screening gibt es selbstverständlich noch Livemusik mit meinem Trio!
Das Ganze kostet keinen Eintritt, und ich freue mich riesig, wenn ich euch alle im Ütelier begrüßen darf. 
Es wäre großartig, wenn ihr euch vorher anmeldet: .

15. Dezember 2023
18 Uhr
Café Ütelier 
Bochumer Straße 114
45886 Gelsenkirchen
Kein Eintritt. Um Anmeldung wird gebeten.

Live Music
Julian Rybarski - Vocals, Electric Guitar
Manuel Blase - Vocals, Bass
Matthias Plewka - Vocals, Drums

Videography: Ole-Kristian Heyer


Produced by 99 rockets records


Location: Café Ütelier


Julian Rybarski - Vocals, Electric Guitar, Songwriting, Arrangement, Production
Mario Stork - Piano
Manuel Blase - Electric Bass
Matthias Plewka - Drums, Percussion

Hendrik Freund Horns
Hendrik Freund - Trumpet
René Lankeit - Saxophone
Marc Lankeit - Trombone

Recorded at Tresohr Studios, Oberhausen

99 rockets records

Diese Veranstaltung wird vom Referat Kultur der Stadt Gelsenkirchen gefördert.

13 OCTOBER: I CAUGHT MYSELF has arrived!

My  new single "I Caught Myself" shows another musical side of myself: The ballad stands out for its dynamics and deep narrative style. It's a mini-epic, a whole story, the most condensed form of a pop song that creates images in the mind. As a classic "torch song", the song pays homage to a long tradition that began in jazz and has produced many highlights in soul, pop, and rock. 


"I Caught Myself" is more than just a song; it is an emotional dialogue – but whether there is someone, anyone, on the other side is not answered. It is a hymn for those who stay behind and for those who are steadfast, despite the silence that surrounds them. 


The voice delicately, tentatively begins, searching for a path not only in words, but also in its own sound. Questions, uncertainties, and lack of answers make it stronger, but also more desperate, until it climbs through the octaves and dynamic possibilities, completely unleashed, shouting, screaming, roaring, before finally drawing a conclusion, quietly, almost without foundation.


The song accompaniment is provided by a seven-piece band on "I Caught Myself". The individual instruments fade into the background and form more than the sum of their parts as a body of sound, in order to illuminate, reflect, and comment on the multi-layered emotions of the song. The music says what the words fail to articulate. The combination of classical influences and modern elements creates an immersive listening experience that captivates the audience.


"I Caught Myself" is available now and can be streamed and downloaded on all major music platforms. It's an evocative release that takes my musical journey in an exciting new direction.


18 August: SEVEN YEARS OF is here!

The song jumps right into the story: "Seven Years Of" is a powerful, angry rock anthem with soul influences that deals with the topic of toxic relationships and describes a way out of these difficult situations. It addresses the topic of toxic relationships and the feeling of being trapped and manipulated by a narcissistic personality in an honest and sensitive way. The song not only conveys the message of personal perseverance and self-discovery, but also encourages people to break the harmful cycles and break the "spell" that prevents healthy development and a fulfilling life.


Vocally and instrumentally, "Seven Years Of" is laid out between soul and rock music, my guitar playing, and vocals that are accompanied by a six-piece band with brass and piano. Today's themes are dealt with in a classic yet modern sound in a dense, multi-layered arrangement. 


"Seven Years Of" is my latest release and continues his success as an aspiring rock musician. The single is now available to stream and download on all leading music platforms. I would like to invite you to discover the song and be inspired by its powerful message.

July 2023:                                                Hey! While I'm recording new music, keep yourself entertained with my (not really very) old stuff - new tracks coming your way soon!

November 11:                                      Wishing everyone                                 BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME!                   My new single AND my new EP are here!

October 21:                                                    SAME, SAME, SAME (No Difference)     is here!

August 19:                                        ALISON & HENRY have arrived!

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